About Me


portrait of Robert AlthouseI am a fully empowered Zen teacher in the While Plum Lineage Tradition and a fully ordained Zen Buddhist priest as well. I’m co-founder with my wife, June Tanoue of the Zen Life & Meditation Center of Chicago. Twenty years ago, I gave up my passion for painting and art to start running a Zen Center in Hawaii. Last year, in 2012, on a Zen retreat I was leading in Wisconsin, I began doodling in an art program on my iPad. This stirred an important passion in me that had lain dormant all these years. At age 64 it is clear to me that painting is something I must do. It is a passion and a joy to create. Twenty years ago, I painted primarily in oils on canvas. Now I only paint on a Wacom tablet connected to my iMac computer. I work primarily in a software program called Painter. I love digital media and the freedom and flexibility it offers me to explore creating visual images that are compelling to myself and others.

I invite you to enjoy my paintings and leave comments and feedback about what you find here.

Thank you,

Robert Joshin Althouse
Zen Master/Artist

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